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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Fire & Grace School of Ministry believe?

A statement of Fire & Grace Church's beliefs can be found here.

Do classes have to be viewed at the time they air?

No, students can view classes whenever their schedule allows. The only time constraint is that there will be assignments, quizzes and tests to complete so it is always best to view classes and take thorough notes as soon as possible each week.

Do the classes meet in person?

No, these classes are pre-recorded and will be posted on-line each week throughout the semester. Students are required to watch each class on their own.

What if I cannot afford FGSM tuition?

The number one goal at Fire & Grace School of Ministry is to equip followers of Jesus Christ to become strong leaders who spread the Gospel. At FGSM we have always looked at tuition as optional. If you feel led to pay tuition and are able to then you should pay it. However, we do not expect tuition from all of our students. We are confident that God will supply all of our needs.

IMPORTANT: Our only requirement for those who ask to attend free of charge is that you sincerely pray and seek The Lord regarding the decision to attend FGSM. Our classes are not easy and it takes much dedication to make it through successfully. It is IMPERATIVE that you KNOW FGSM is God's will for you.

What do I graduate with?/Is FGSM accredited?

Fire & Grace School of Ministry is NOT an accredited program. We are not affiliated with or endorsed by any denomination or other ministries. You will not be ordained by Fire & Grace Church as a minister unless The Lord makes it clear to us that we are to do so. We offer Biblical/spiritual training to equip Believers to be ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and set the captives free. 

Can I attend FGSM if I live outside of the U.S.?

Yes, all classes, assignments, tests, meetings, and requirements are accomplished on-line. 

What if I do not have a Pastoral Recommendation?

We understand that not everyone has been blessed to find a local body of Believers to worship with. If you are unable to obtain a Pastoral Recommendation just note that on your Application. 

Where do I get my books?

All students are responsible for sourcing their own books. Some of the books we use are available for free on-line. If you have a hard time finding any of the books feel free to contact our staff who may be able to help point you in the right direction. 

Am I required to attend Fire & Grace Church?

All students are required to attend Fire & Grace Church services weekly whether it be in person (for local students) or on-line. 

How do I decide between a full-time or part-time course load?

Whether you are full-time or part-time depends on how much schoolwork you can manage each week. The majority of your time will not be spent watching the class video itself, but rather completing assignments, reading and studying. Some students can complete the school in one year while others finish in two or even three years.

FGSM is a college-level Bible boot camp that requires students to devote time and effort to their studies. We encourage all students to take on whichever course load they believe they can handle and complete each course to the best of their ability.

What is a typical weekly workload?

Each class (except the Core class) will post a weekly video averaging around 2 hours of watch time and an assignment related to the material learned. Assignments include writing essays, discussion questions, readings, making videos, and more. The weekly time commitment for each course is determined by how much time each student needs to take notes on the video lesson, adequately complete assignments, and study the readings.​

What is the time frame that tests and finals are open to be taken?

Over the course of the semester, the classes have 3 tests each and a final exam. (The Core class has 2 tests and a final exam.) The tests are open over the weekend from Friday morning to Sunday evening. Each final exam is open over four days during finals week at the end of the semester. Each student is responsible for taking their test on time within the window provided and only has one opportunity to take the test.

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