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Fire & Grace School of Ministry is part of a prophetic vision the Lord gave me in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Very early on there was a call of God on me to train and equip others to do the work of the ministry. On November 19, 1989, the Holy Spirit gave a New Testament prophet (Gene May) a very specific prophetic word for me. I was 21 years old and Brother Gene and I had never met. I still have the cassette recording of the following prophecy:


“Lord, I thank you for this brother and I thank You for the commitment. You know brother, this is what I see. I see you before God and I see you kneeling there before the Lord in an absolute contrition, absolute dedication unto Him just putting your life there saying, ‘God, it’s Yours.’ And God’s taking you up on it. God’s placed a calling upon your life. God’s going to have you teach. There’s a teaching anointing that’s going to come upon you that will be very powerful in the Body of Christ. God says a teacher in My five-fold ministry you will be because of the things that I am stirring inside of you. This is not a day of release but this is a day of preparation for you. But there will be a day of release when I will launch you and I will push you forth says The Lord. And you will walk forth in My anointing and My power. And you shall teach but they shall not be the things that all would expect, but they will be the things of God that will set the captives free and liberate My Body to be what I have called it to be. For you will train many others that will go forth and they too shall teach; and they shall break the strongholds of the enemy by that taught Word says the Lord.”


Several years after this prophetic word, the Lord Jesus spoke to me about a “...spiritual warfare boot camp school...” and being a “planter of men and churches.” In 1995 I established my first church plant in Alabama and then in 1996 another in Georgia. Those first church plants were great learning experiences for me as a young minister. There were wonderful successes and some failures, but after 31 years of “on-the-job-training,” preaching in other countries, prison ministry, receiving a conferred doctorate degree in 2002 (based on 15 years of study/ministry and recognizing my first book Grace Abuse as my thesis), and planting Fire & Grace Church in 2009, the Holy Spirit has made it clear that NOW is the time to launch the school of ministry.


Fire & Grace School of Ministry will be a very unique ministry school that will incorporate Biblical topics and training that is for the most part ignored by today’s mega church mentality and deceived theologians. Our scope of study will cover apologetics, doctrine, church history, spiritual warfare, eschatology, leadership and much more.


Do you feel called by God, but you don’t feel prepared or know where to start? Are you discouraged with seeker-sensitive, shallow churches that reject certain Biblical truths? Are you longing for the power of the Holy Spirit in your life? Do you want to be an effective soul winner in the kingdom of God? If so, then Fire & Grace School of Ministry may be for you. Seek God and let Him lead you in Jesus name.


In Jesus Christ,


Dr. Dean Odle

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